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Evan Hamilton

Jeremy Hicks

Meghan Krane

Riccardo Fabi

Sarah Dopp



  • It's hard to go to parties AND go to panels. You kinda have to make a choice. (Sarah)
  • Don't be running to the next party or you'll spend all day walking rather than enjoying yourself (Evan)


  • Don't go to panels in your area of expertise, they're usually 101-level (Sarah)
  • Go to panels with people you're interested in (Sarah)

Promoting yourselfEdit

  • There's a lot of noise
  • People will take free stuff, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything for your business (Evan)
  • Memorable promotions:
    • The party RV that rolls out a red carpet, then drives you somewhere while you drink and sing karaoke
    • Zappos giving out branded raingear right before it rained
    • Service for printing business cards on the spot


  • Don't overdo it your first night - it's a long conference.
  • Don't chase free beer, it's often unavailable or not worth the effort


  • Awesome city, awesome food, very walkable.
  • Several parking structures in downtown. Park once, don't drive around downtown, it's crazy.