Notes taken by Ethan Kim . Notes are in a conversation format and in chronological order:

• Questions brought up during the discussion in Bold

• Responses to the questions (if any) in Italics

• Comments and general thoughts in regular text

We’re not sure where G+ fits into a platform for community management

What type of content is shared on G+?

How do we use G+ for community rather than for marketing?

Who has G+ accounts? Who posts to G+ regularly?

  • Majority of the community managers have created G+ accounts but only half regularly posts to G+

G+ seems to be important from SEO perspective. Some have found the newly introduced Search + MyWorld to be useful from search perspective as the search suggestions and results take into consideration your G+ Circles. Therefore, the search suggestions and results are tailored to what’s relevant to the industry rather than what’s relevant for the general audience. It optimizes your SEO for people following you on G+.

What content are you posting to G+?

  • Everything we post to Facebook

Then why 2 platforms that have the same content? Why create overlap?

  • Potential benefit from Search +MyWorld and SEO
  • It’s not enough of a platform yet to have a focused strategy but also doesn’t 'hurt to manage the platform to post content you’d post on your FB page.
  • SEO is potentially a driving force for companies to use G+.

What analytics does G+ offer?

  • Not Sure

Do you see traffic coming to your blog/website from G+?

  • Not a substantial amount

Are you able to drive traffic to G+ page from your other pages?

  • Not sure

Majority of G+ users seem to be young men. Is that still the case and is that potentially an issue? Does it effect the ‘cool factor’ of G+?

Has anyone tried using Hangout?

  • Hangout could be a different and useful way to reach out to your community.
  • Video is archived to YouTube.
  • It was ok
  • We’ve done it for user testing internally but externally

Will G+ die out / become a corporate page parking lot?

  • Perhaps. We’ve seen use case for: corporate recruiting tool for conducting 'interviews; classroom tools
  • That isn’t so relevant for community managers

Is anyone actively using circles?

  • No
  • It seems to be just full of people talking about G+

Has anyone seen brands who are active on G+ and has been doing a good job?

  • Not brands but singer/song-writers doing mini concerts to engage their 'community
  • Noticed some success with musicians
  • Dell seems to be doing a good job. Perhaps because their audience is so big 'but they’re testing and playing with the platform publicly
  • GE also does a good job of using G+ to reach out to younger generation – i.e. 'posting a picture of an engine and making people guess

What about a fan’s perspective on utilizing G+?

  • I’m more likely to share something with the brand on G+ than on Facebook
  • Is G+ more for the tech/business community? Is it too ‘techie’ and not social 'enough?

G+ is still young and it’s yet to be seen where it will go. Perhaps because it’s Google that G+ is receiving the amount and the type of attention it does today.

G+ could potentially be a marketer’s dream because of the array of features they provide – analytics, different ways of organizing communities, etc.