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Building Upon Structured Communities

  • Research your customer- know why they are there
    • Need a rally cry (ex. forum for mothers who have lost a child)
  • Wikipedia’s Student Ambassador Program
    • Two different groups, Online Help & Offline
    • Offline Group was built from nothing, reached out to staff, grad students, faculty members
    • Evaluations given at the end of the term
      • Feedback of the program
      • Tweaking of description to make volunteer position more attractive
    • Incentives:
      • Resume: Brought volunteers in but wasn’t enough to make them stay
      • Need to find volunteers with a passion for teaching- the role itself was the incentive
    • CLASH: Offline vs. Online, New vs. Existing
      • Realized BOTH new and old needed to be trained on new program, norms, and protocol
        • Orientation (Better term than training)
  • Top Contributors/Advocate Programs
    • Keep them motivated- offer them a first peak at new product launches, provide “exclusive” information
    • Train on FAQ, provide tools they need, including a private forum where they can contact the CM and other volunteers for more info
    • Find people who love and will advocate for your product
    • Make sure you have a great balance of people- no extremes
    • Invite for IRL meet-ups, even if you cannot connect with entire program
      • Personal connection
      • Gives a face to your corporation/organization
      • Allow Regional Leaders to host meet-ups, in places you cannot reach
      • Creates brand awareness, may not see initial ROI
      • Must have a GOAL in bringing in community, to IRL events

Keeping your Supply and Demand with the Company

(ex. Rabbits and Tasks, Chefs and Diners)- preventing them from going around your product

  • Be strategic about information given to both sides and when it is given
  • Structure the mode of communication you give them
    • Forum or place for them to interact
    • Embed messaging into the site?
    • Be sure to answer the questions of why they need to communicate? What value do they gain from this? What relationship do they want?
  • Provide them with something, besides the service, they would not get otherwise
    • Press Attention
    • Blog Posts
    • Branded Twitter Accounts
  • Promise and provide them a unique experience

Building a Community Organically

  • User Engagement Cycle- engage on a personal level
  • Personalize the company (Example from Livefyre team)
    • Talk with users, both online and off
    • Don’t focus on ROIs
    • Find those who love your product, will be a brand advocate
      • Give them things to do! They want to help, let them know how they can
      • Structure a program for them
      • Personalize, personalize, personalize!