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Goals for metricsEdit

User registration, community interaction, call deflection, retaining customers.

How do we aquire new customers?Edit

3 week outreach campaign. Target user groups...topic related communities.

Press outreach.

Encouraging community ambassadors through ambassador programs.

Klout uses evangelists to network. Gives them access to new features, a value-add and recognition.

Lack of understanding from bosses as to who your target audience is. Gotta lock that down.

How do we measure customer retention and customer growth?Edit

Simply ask on your webiste: how did you hear about us?

How do we retain our customers?Edit

Tools: Zendesk, UserVoice, Sprout

Produce great content.

Office photos (especially pets) generate lots of views.

Get customers to answer their own questions.

Ask simple questions and have a personality.

Is negative engagement a bad thing? If it's a real discussion (not a Chapstick fiasco), maybe not.

How do we measure customer retention/engagement?Edit

Customer satisfaction survey.

Number of replies and retweets divided by the number of followers.

Patterns of retweets.

Arguyle social.

Does anybody use CRM? Not really.