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Topic: Community Generated Content


Evan asked the Sarah (wikia mgr) to start the topic. Then Ashley (Google Places mgr.

Seed the community with ideas.

Do you experience off-topic comments?


Organic vs Structured content.

Miso tracks who did what, so the users are aware of this, and are more self restrained.

Do people go out to find content created elsewhere?

Finding good content. Stumble upon it? Or search for it?

Focus the questions to be based on the audience, personalized.

Memolane - search for trip, or election related.

Use contests, with prizes that they care about (choose the right prize). Pay attention to who and where you target for contestants. Pay heavy attention to the laws about contests. Look out for scammers who just enter contests. coupon-people. Not too low of a barrier, not too high. Want lots of engagement, but you want the right people.

Transactional-based prizes (oh, a computer is worth $2000) as described in "Predictably Rational". Which Evan says everyone should read.

Contests to locate interesting users/content-generators.

Amy Higgins said that she storifies (capture tweets, and blog about them)

Twylah (organizes the conversations in Twitter)

Instant recognition (shout-out, props, follow-friday) -vs- long term influencers/ambassadors

Spread info about case studies, how?

Use twitter chat sessions to promote your product, and help get the word out. Use a hashtag.


Stanzr @Stanzr1 -> captures the twitter chat session, etc.

make an Info Graphic